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csa progress

(currently on a break between CSA testing before committing to a farm, so there’s not a lot going on here)

Contents of my latest box from Kaze no Oka Farm, including unused amounts currently remaining and links to the finished dishes.

Box received 10/3/2010

a few white onions (pan-roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, white chicken chili, pizza)
a few tokachi kogane potatoes (pan-roasted potatoes)
a bunch of naganegi (Japanese long onion) (gnocchi carbonara)
• a miniature kabocha
a small bag of satoimo (taro root) (takikomi gohan, zucchini & satoimo stir-fry)
three small carrots from thinning (lunches)
fresh, young ginger root (takikomi gohan, zucchini & satoimo stir-fry, coconut dal curry, assorted dinners)
nira (garlic chives) (takikomi gohan, white chicken chili)
mabiki kabu (immature turnips w/ turnip greens from thinning) (takikomi gohan)
piman (Japanese green peppers) (pizza, scrambled eggs)
a handful of okra (white chicken chili w/ fried okra)
10 eggs (takikomi gohan, scrambled eggs, gnocchi carbonara)

(click to see these in their full pulled-fresh-from-the-ground dirt-covered glory)

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