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about maya

Hi, I’m Maya.

I’m 29 and originally from San Francisco, though I spent part of my time growing up on a small family island 10 miles off the coast of Belize up through about high school. I came to Tokyo, Japan five years ago in September 2005 as part of a one-year study abroad program with Mejiro University, and never went back. I’ve lived here ever since, working first as an English teacher, and now as an English re-writer at a small translation & game localization/development company.

I have been interested in food, food culture & sociopolitical issues, cooking, and particularly baking for as long as I can remember. Since moving to Tokyo my interest has only deepened. Due to the differences in food culture, availability, and price I make a good number of the everyday items most people generally buy in western countries myself; like breads, nut butters, yogurt, kefir, etc.

I have also discovered a love for fitness and health while living in Tokyo. I was not very active in high school or college, preferring instead to spend my time indoors with music, my computer, or more art related pursuits, so my baseline of fitness was pretty low when I first started living a more active life and is something I am still struggling to improve.

I developed a passion for running two years ago, and have participated in two 5k charity races and one 10.2k race since then. In addition to running several times per week, I also participate in group classes, such as group power & group kick, at my gym; and try to get in swimming, hiking, and yoga when I can.

This blog will document my attempts to live in a holistic, sustainable, and healthful way while trying to find balance between the cultures I was raised in and the ones I encounter on a daily basis; and I hope will give you an idea of what it’s like to live a balanced life halfway across the world.

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