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yoga & sunday brunch

October 14, 2010

I had a fantastic time at charity yoga on Wednesday evening. I haven’t been getting enough sleep and was worried I wouldn’t quite have the energy required to make it through class, but I managed to haul myself to the studio on spite of that.

The class was a relatively basic and very flowy class, and the instructor hit all of the major areas I needed to stretch during the 80 minute session. She even went so far as to throw in a gentle foot/shin massage during savasana. I have had other instructors open my shoulders and press pressure points on my scalp before, and one even came around and anointed us with eucalyptus oil in one class, but this was my first foot massage. It felt indescribably good. I absolutely loved the class and hope that I can make it to another with that instructor again.

After yoga I met up with my friend Jessica for dinner and tea. We had plans to check out a new place called Sunday Brunch which I found last week as an alternative to our usual place, Afternoon Tea. I was particularly drawn to Sunday Brunch because the menu claimed to use organic ingredients and actually had a decent selection of savory food listed.

I knew what I wanted before we even arrived: The Mini Veggie Burger with Olive Oil Fries.

I was a little apprehensive when the set came out, as I tend to be the type to want a slightly bigger veggie burger and smaller portion of fries than what was provided, but it turned out to be pretty perfect in the end, as the fries were really the star of the meal!

The burger was a sorghum patty with avocado, tomato and lettuce. The flavor was mild, but good and went really well with the more flavorful olive oil fries. I got a Pomegranate Juice tea on the side, and Jessica opted for Lemon & Yuzu Juice Tea.

While we ate we chatted about our lives and recent goings on and end up having  some really great conversation over the course of the evening. Jessica is gearing up to launch her own blog, which will focus on authentic Japanese cooking, recipes, and ingredients, so we did a lot of talking about that and blogging in general. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she’s got planned!

Towards the end of the evening we ordered dessert with hot tea on the side, as generally happens when we go out together.

Sunday Brunch had a pretty decent selection of cakes, tarts, etc.  to choose from. We ended up splitting a baked fig & pear tart, and a fresh pear & cream tart with a pot of the house blend tea. Both were quite good, but the baked tart definitely had the edge, and was almost like a clafoutis. Very, very good.

Overall Sunday Brunch definitely won us over. We were very pleased with dinner. Unfortunately, the experience was tainted slightly by the fact that both of us ended up feeling off after getting home. My first thought was that it must have been from the sorghum in the veggie burger. I don’t usually have sorghum, and the burger patties were made primarily of whole sorghum grains. I usually have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to whole foods, since I eat so many of them, but that is one of the only plausible explanations (the other being too many olive oil fries!), because it sure did not feel at all like any kind of food poisoning.

In spite of the unfortunate case of gastric distress, I am actually looking forward to trying them out again. There was a really fantastic looking goat cheese & fig salad on the menu that nearly won out over the burger, and I don’t think I can pass up the temptation just because of a little stomach ache.

Do you prefer flowy yoga or the more challenging styles? How does your stomach react when you introduce new foods into your diet?

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