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gingerbread & pumpkin

October 7, 2010

Breakfast this morning was awesome. I had a tiny bit of pumpkin left in the bottom of a can I opened up for smoothies last week, and I decided that it would make an awesome addition to the overnight oats that have been in my breakfast rotation all summer. Hot off the success of last week’s gingerbread cupcakes, I decided over the weekend that I wanted to try out gingerbread oats and layer it with pumpkin soft serve. Apparently great minds must think alike, because before I actually got around to doing this for myself, I saw almost the exact same idea executed by Angela over at Oh She Glows. Her photos just reinforced my desire to try the idea out this week!

Last night I mixed up my usual vanilla overnight oats, but added a teaspoon of dark molasses (I’m out of blackstrap.. Note to self: order more blackstrap molasses!) to the mix. This morning I made myself a batch of pumpkin banana soft serve with a small handful of frozen banana slices and a couple tablespoons of pumpkin. To make it more interesting I added a few walnuts in to the middle layer (helps regulate stress) and then topped the whole thing with a crumbled biscoff, Artisana Cacao Bliss (which my sister smuggled over for me in March), and a sprinkling of Valrhona cacao nibs.

(Photo on the left is my favorite, but apparently balance wins over photo quality for me when determining photo arrangement)

It was even better than I anticipated. I was a very happy, though very tired, breakfast eater this morning.

I’ve got a run planned for tonight, as well as more cooking out of my farm box, but I think I’ll leave the posting at this for today. I’m trying to get out of the habit of writing entries later in the evening so that I can get to bed earlier, and also working on my natural tendency to be.. erm.. a bit on the verbose side.

In the meantime I actually put up a new page with real content for your enjoyment. Behold, my CSA progress page. You can keep track of my progress eating my way through the vegetables I received from the farm on this page, as well as check out the things that I have made from it. It also serves to make sure I know exactly what I have used and what I have left so I don’t end up letting anything go to waste. I have not committed to this farm yet, but if I do end up a regular customer I plan to keep the page up to date and archive old versions each time I receive a new box or use up all the items.

What do you think, sound like a good idea? How do you keep produce from getting forgotten and going to waste?

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