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late to the party..

September 24, 2010

Ever put off doing something just because you feel like it’s something you should have been doing all along, and it’s a bit strange joining the party late? That’s how I feel about blogging.

I suppose I have always been the type of person whom others expect to have a blog. My family and friends have been urging me to start one up for years in response my long photo-filled emails. And it’s not just limited to people who know me well. At some point shortly after meeting me for the first time and having been regaled with stories of my life and shown a few of the countless pictures I have taken, I am inevitably asked: “Do you have a blog or something for all of those?”

The answer is always the same. “Well, I probably should.. but…”

In a way, I have been a blogger for a very long time. I was blogging before it was actually called ‘blogging’; first on Diaryland in the late 90s, and then on services such as Livejournal starting in around 2001. But at some point after around 2006 (ironically just after I moved to Tokyo and my life arguably became more interesting to the general public) I fell out of the habit. I think that for someone who had always been fairly good at recording the happenings of her life, it was a moment of information overload. Sitting down to write an update would turn into hours upon hours of catching up while trying not to miss anything important; and at some point the backlog became too great, and the updates just.. stopped.

Since then I have been been mostly blogless- relying on such old fashion methods as the phone, email, ichat, and whatnot to keep my close friends and family up to date on my life, while occasionally writing blog-like posts for specialized sites, such as SparkPeople, with blog features attached.

I have missed it. I don’t think there has been a period since I stopped writing that I didn’t wish I had a blog again. But rather than going out and starting anew, I put it off. And I continued putting it off, until one day I looked up and realized that blogging had gone mainstream, and here I was, one of the early adopters and bloggers at heart, reading others’ blogs every single day, but without one of my own.

That just doesn’t seem quite right, now does it?

Of course, being an established perfectionist, it’s never quite as simple as just going out and starting. No, first comes the agonizing over the details. What would I name my blog? What would I blog about? What kind of layout should I use? What color scheme? etc. Those details have kept me sitting on this blog idea for a while now, despite finally biting the bullet and signing up with wordpress several weeks ago.. but you know what? There’s nothing wrong with tweaking as I go.

So.. here it goes. My entry into the modern world of blogging. This blog may not be perfect, or even have a name yet, and I may continue tweaking it for weeks and months to come before I’m satisfied.. but if there’s one thing I need to learn in life, it’s that things don’t have to be perfect to be worth sharing with the world.

So hello! My name is Maya. I live in Tokyo. And this was my breakfast this morning:

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  1. September 27, 2010 3:05 pm

    I thought it was called diaryland! I’ve been trying to remember what my user name was for the last….5 years? But I don’t remember it. Probably for the best. High school angst. Eeew.

    Nice breakfast!

    • September 27, 2010 4:05 pm

      It was Diaryland. I remember the layout I designed for it quite clearly, but I’m uncertain on the username or any other details. I went looking for it years ago when I was still relatively sure of the name and it had already been deleted, so I don’t think there’s any way to confirm it now. =/

      It was a very tasty breakfast. I enjoyed variations of the same all summer long, as hot oatmeal would have been unthinkable in the temperatures we were suffering through.

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